Evolutionary history of life

The ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ module can leave teachers asking “Where do I even begin?”

A good place to start is to address the first main concept and one of the key points of the curriculum: The Earth is millions of years old.

At first this is a seemingly simple statement, but it’s one thing understanding it, it’s another realising just how old the Earth really is. This is particularly challenging for a ten year old who cant imagine being their parents age, let alone a time in which humans didn’t even exist!


A useful tool you can use to address this concept is to use a timeline. We have prepared a lesson plan and activity which will introduce the certain stages in the evolutionary history of life. Divide your class into small groups and get them to re-enact the News Story to the class!

Lesson plan so your class can be the news readers for the Evolutionary History of Life! News Reader lesson plan
The script for your class of newsreaders! Script
The images to print or use on a projector to accompany your news story! News Story images

We have prepared a fun news reader video below in which some key stages of evolutionary history are reported on. You can show this video to the children and provide them with the script and get the children to present their own news report on the evolutionary history of life on Earth!