Posters, CPD and Events

Dear teacher,

We have FREE posters, one-day events for students and CPD workshops for teachers.

Free Posters

poasters-evoWe have FREE posters for your classroom. Send an email to for details of how to order yours.

Free One-Day Events for Year 6 Students

We regularly run one-day events for students on the campuses of Reading University and Canterbury Christ Church – email us to ask about events coming soon.

Free CPD Workshops – Coming Soon

Evolution is now a part of the Year 6 Primary science curriculum. DinosaurSkeleton_CMYK300dpi-1024x792Our team has developed a professional development workshop that gives you a chance to try hands-on activities, designed to maintain children’s enthusiasm and progress their conceptual understanding. The session plans are free to access on our website and additional resources will be provided in the session.

The workshop also addresses common concerns teachers have about teaching evolution in the classroom and will suggest ways to respond to children’s and parents’ questions.

If you would like to express your interest in attending, please send an email to

Please take a look at our teacher’s slides for the session Evolution-teachers-cpd

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